Packing List

 ~Warm jackets and sweaters are the most important items at any time of the year. The student should bring rain gear, as wet weather can occur at any time of the year.

Essential Items for the first Day:
Backpack (School Sized Backpack)

~Water Bottle:  MUST be at least 24 - 32 oz and refillable.



~Closed toe hiking shoes

~Bag Lunch (please do not send peanut products)

Essential Items for the week:
We recommend that you NOT buy new clothing or equipment. Expensive items are not recommended. Older clothing is best. Mark luggage and each item of clothing with your child's name.    

Basic Needs
~Sleeping Bag and Pillow (OR 2 sheets & a blanket)

~2 Pairs of sturdy shoes (hiking boots or athletic shoes)

~One heavy jacket or coat (regardless of the weather)

~1 Heavy cotton  long sleeved shirt

~3-4 T-shirts
~3 Pairs long pants

~1 Pair of shorts
~5-8 Pairs of socks

~5 Changes of underwear
~1 Pair of pajamas

~Warm hat / Beanie
~Hat with brim / Baseball Cap

~2  Plastic garbage bags for laundry

~Raincoat / rain poncho (It can rain at any time of year)

~Sun Screen

~Water Bottle 24 - 32 oz / refillable

Shower Kit / Toiletries
~Bath Towel

~Wash cloth

~Toothbrush and toothpaste

~Soap~Comb or hairbrush

~Shampoo/ Conditioner

~Flip Flops

~Swimsuit (optional for showers)

 Optional Items
~Flashlight and batteries

~Deck of Cards


~Rubber Boots

~Water shoes

~Stationery, pre-addressed stamped envelopes and pen

~Inexpensive Camera

~Kleenex tissues


Prohibited Items
 No valuables, money, or jewelry

No candy, gum or snacks

 No knives or hatchets

 No cologne or perfume

 No Curling/ Flat Irons

 No electronic devices such as iPods, games, or laptops

 No Cell Phones

 No aerosol sprays (Bug spray, cologne, etc.)

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A program of the Marin County Office of Education
Mary Jane Burke, Marin County Superintendent of Schools