DH Theme 2014

Discover your connection to community and nature. 


Staff strive to create a safe learning environment that allows each student the opportunity to explore and gain a deeper understanding of their connection to one another and the natural world.  Students have the opportunity to connect to a deeper sense of self, and to gain self-confidence and independence by taking on new challenges.  They learn to trust one another outside of their normal surroundings.  We invite students to look at the ways they are changing through this experience, to notice what they are learning about themselves during the week, and how they might incorporate what they have learned at home, as well as in their greater communities. 

Exploration of "community" is at the core of the students’ experience at Walker Creek Ranch.  In addition to academics, the Outdoor School provides a unique learning environment where students gain important social skills, take responsibility and gain independence. The staff has a deep commitment to creating a safe, respectful, and healthy environment that embraces diversity.  We welcome people from all cultures, backgrounds, and orientations.  We focus on and explore qualities of communities including respect, trust, understanding, and the importance of teamwork in overcoming challenges.  Students gain a deeper understanding and awareness of how their choices impact the world around them.

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The outdoor school curriculum is aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards and includes the study of basic ecology, plant and animal identification, and human relationships with the environment.  The creek, pond, organic garden, and rich riparian habitat provide a diversity of ecosystems for hands-on exploration and field study.  The Outdoor School's museum and Miwok grinding rock offer unique opportunities for lessons on cultural history as well.   Evening programs include campfires, skits, night hikes, astronomy lessons, conversation activities, and barn dances.

Important Bullying and Harassment Policy

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